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About Us
We're a team of carpenters with a passion for wood framing.

DWC was founded by Danny in 2012. After almost 10 years leading the DWC team through countless projects it was time for Danny to share the joys and sometimes challenges of running a business. Cue Mike Robertson and Kellen Burman. Both guys had been working with Danny for several years and they were ready to step up.
Since September 2021 DWC is led by Danny, Kellen, and Mike. The new leadership team is ready and motivated to continue delivering the DWC Framing standard the Bow Valley is used to.
This unbeatable standard can only be achieved by the excellent crew DWC has gathered over the years. Our team of carpenters and apprentices are what makes DWC the quality framing company that we are today.

It is our mission to continuously deliver specialized, skilled services that inspire trust and exceed our clients' expectations.

What we do best

Residential custom homes
We've seen it all and built it all. Single family or multi-family homes are what we build most. After more than a decade of framing residential dwellings there are no challenges we can't face.
Specialized commercial projects
Commercial projects are where we excel, DWC strives to be the quality link in extensive projects. We believe we can provide the professional and streamlined service that will save Project Managers time, money, and headaches down the line.
Tailored small to medium projects
DWC regularly takes on small to medium sized projects that require our specific skills and problem solving. From stair builds or deck renovations to commercial shelving we are always aiming to deliver quality, efficiently.
Safety of our employees, clients, partners, and the public is of utmost importance to DWC. Our Health and Safety manual covers all topics, procedures and practices that ensure the safety of all parties involved. Attaining the Certificate of Recognition (COR) every year is only one of the methods DWC uses to constantly strive for the highest safety standards.
Quality of Framing
DWC has established a system to always achieve the high quality we strive for in every project.
In short that entails:
- Tools and equipment
- Knowledgeable employees
- Safety
- Business support process
- Quality control
Our Core Values
- Lifetime relationships
- Humility
- Passion
- Commitment
- Trust
- Integrity
- Safety
Come work with us
We are currently looking to expand our team with high level carpenters and team leaders.
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