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The DWC Team

Get to know our team

Danny Wood

As a third-generation carpenter, framing is in Danny’s blood (and last name). Danny’s passion for the job, the team and the company is infectious. His drive, commitment and experience are the reasons DWC Framing is the company it is today. There is an incredible wealth of knowledge Danny brings to the table every day.  
When Danny was just 19 years old, he finished his carpentry apprenticeship in New Zealand. He moved to Canada permanently at 21 and has been living in Canmore ever since. He was trained as a general carpenter, but one could say he got hooked on framing. Danny sees framing like a sport.
When Danny is not working, he enjoys time with his family, he is an avid climber, backcountry skier and enjoys water sports in summer.

Mike Robertson

Mike has been with DWC since 2015. He joined the DWC management team, and became part owner, in 2021. Before coming on board, he worked as a journeyman carpenter for 5 years and has experience in all aspects of the trade. Mike always strives for greatness and is extremely driven. The fact that few people know that he is an Olympic medallist shows his humility. The Core Value Mike identifies with most is Integrity. For Mike it means never cutting corners when it comes to quality. Finishing a project and being proud of the craftsmanship every single time.
Outside work Mikes spends time with his family, goes snowboarding and climbing.  
With Mike being part of the leadership team, DWC will build lasting relationships and deliver high quality products that we can be proud of for years to come.

Kellen Burman

Kellen started in 2014. He started out with little construction experience but enjoyed and quickly excelled in every part of the job. After a few years Kellen became lead hand and in 2021 he joined the leadership team and became part owner.
Originally from Winnipeg, where Kellen worked on home renovations, he and his family moved to Canmore looking for a change.
For Kellen the variety of work, creating and seeing the developments in a project and physical aspect are reasons to be passionate about his work. Kellen radiates this passion for framing, having him on the leadership team means we will always go above and beyond, making sure everyone knows what we are doing and why we are doing it.
When not with his framing family, Kellen spends his time with his wife and kids. He enjoys playing slow pitch, hiking, and snowboarding.

Richard Froese

Rick started with designing and drafting for DWC back in the spring of 2017. Rick had experience running his own successful business but was looking to take a different route. After doing a bit of drafting for DWC he took on site responsibilities and quickly found that the DWC values align with his own. The commitment to quality, making sure everybody involved is getting a fair deal and always striving to get things done and get them done right. Well, if anybody can get it done right, it's Rick. He is a master carpenter and is the person with the most experience on the team. He can design intricate building details just as well as he can execute them.
In the summer of 2022 Rick moved to Kelowna and his time with DWC has come full circle, he's no longer framing for DWC but is still designing and drafting for us.
When he is not being a treasure of knowledge at the drafting table, Rick spends time with his wife and family. He enjoys the occasional day on the skis and mountain biking.

David Broemeling

Dave has been with DWC since the summer of 2020. In 2024 Dave completed his 4 years as an apprentice with DWC Framing and passed his Red Seal exam. He is wise beyond his years, patient and meticulous. An extremely promising carpenter that we’re looking forward to having on board for many years to come.  
Dave is originally from Jasper where he worked for Parks Canada in the Ecology Department. He has coached freestyle skiing, worked as a lifeguard, and enjoys anything outdoors. One of the reasons Dave enjoys working for DWC is the stunning views you get when working outside in the Bow Valley.

Sam Morgan

Sam is originally from Calgary and after moving away from the city to a small town in central Alberta he realized he moved in the wrong direction, further South ended up being the place to call home. Sam has been in Canmore since 2010. He started working as a carpenter at just 19. 
Sam is a meticulous and patient carpenter and person, with a great understanding and ability to read and interpret plans. His experience and varied skill set are what makes him a valuable part of the team.
In his spare time Sam enjoys hiking, cross country skiing and quality time with his family. Sam has a passion for woodworking and he and his wife make and sell natural hand crafted jewellery.

Kurtis Sander

Kurtis joined the team in August 2022. He moved from Kelowna to Cochrane, where the Sander family found the small town vibes they were looking for. Kurtis lived in Kelowna for 8 years, he worked there as a carpenter as well. He enjoys the fast pace on the DWC sites and that everybody on the team is hard working.
Kurtis is a skilled and intelligent carpenter and framer and on top of that he's great to work with. Someone you'd want on your team any day. Kurtis is The Thinker of the team. It's not a surprise that his favourite part of a project is roof framing.
Outside work he enjoys snowboarding and he used to play hockey.

Grant Chapman

Grant became part of the team in the summer of 2022. Born and raised on a farm in Lethbridge, Grant has a farmers background. Tough as nails, a great can do attitude, smart and eager to learn, we're very excited to have him on board as an registered apprentice. Grant applied to the job because he felt like trying something new, he's always had an eye on the trades. For Grant, a big plus of the job is being in the mountains, he says "you can't really have a bad day, when surrounded by mountains and nature like this."
Grant enjoys classic cars, skeet shooting, hiking and values family time. He's an intermediate skier but more time in Canmore surely will change that.
Fun trivia - Grant was dressed in Canadian tux for the company Christmas dinner (Cowboy boots included). If there's anyone that can pull that off, it's Grant.

Zöe Bennett

 Zöe started working with DWC in December 2019. She is the business support of the team. Zöe takes on all jobs and tasks that are not on site so the team can focus on building quality projects. She is originally from the Netherlands and enjoys climbing, snowboarding, and hockey.

Jordan Tulipano

At the start of December 2022 Jordan made the long drive over to Canmore from Ontario. He had one goal in mind: ski, ski and ski more.  Learning to become a framing carpenter has been a great addition and a very fulfilling position to him.  He also had some finish carpentry experience back home and an eagerness to grow and learn more in the construction industry.He enjoys being part of the team and jumped into framing with a drive and commitment that is exceptional. Jordan would like to work on his confidence when working at heights and this summer (when there's no skiing), any of the climbers on the DWC team could help him out with that.

Brett Codd

Brett joined the DWC team in May 2021. Previously, Brett was working as a framer in and around Edmonton but when a job opening came up in the place that he always wanted to be, with a company that aligned with his values, he made the move without a doubt. Brett’s positive attitude and outgoing personality are true assets to the DWC team and just as important as his quality work and productivity. Like many on our crew Brett loves to be outdoors, but he’s also a huge music fanatic and plays the guitar, Metal is #1 but he’ll listen to anything and everything. You’ll find Brett always makes sure the radio is playing on site and is not afraid to perform the occasional song for the rest of the team.

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